Is laser hair removal permanent?

Is laser hair removal permanent?

One of the most common questions we get: ‘Is laser hair removal permanent?’

It is not permanent…. however, hear me out we cannot call it permanent as your body always develops new hair follicles albeit at a much reduced rate. We do permanent hair REDUCTION. Which means you barely need to look after it, a lot of our clients are on yearly maintenance appointments to ensure the hair doesn’t grow through. It is better explained with the process.

The process of laser hair removal?

The skin absorbs the laser heat in the hair follicle. The hair follicle is the root where the hair is attached, this is where the hair is anchored into the dermal layer of the skin. Traditional hair removal like shaving and plucking just remove the hair itself and so the hair follicle just produces another hair in its place.

With laser hair removal the follicle absorbs the heat, and the follicle is destroyed meaning a new hair can never grow from there again. Your body does develop new hair follicles over time, but it takes a long time. Which is why our clients only need annual appointments to keep on top of the new hair follicles. Many of them never shave or treat their hair with traditional methods again.

What is alexandrite laser hair removal?

We use ND:Yag and also Alexandrite technology in the clinic providing pain free laser hair removal

Alexandrite laser hair removal uses a laser beam emitting from an Alexandrite crystal to target hair follicles. The laser energy heats up the hair follicles, destroying them and preventing hair growth. This type of laser is effective for lighter skin tones and darker hair colours. Alexandrite laser hair removal is safe, effective, and can provide long-lasting results for the reduction of unwanted hair on various parts of the body.

Is Alexandrite laser hair removal permanent?

The Alexandrite laser is particularly effective for treating large areas of the body, such as the legs and back, and is known for delivering long-lasting results.

Studies have shown that the Alexandrite laser can achieve up to 90% reduction in hair growth after a series of treatments. However, the exact number of sessions required can vary depending on the individual’s hair type, skin tone, and other factors. It is important to undergo the treatment under the supervision one of our Lynton trained technicians to ensure maximum safety and effectiveness.

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