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The Motus AY is the world’s first FDA approved pain free laser.

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If you’re looking for ‘pain free’ hair removal then look no further. The Motus AY uses exceptional technology to keep you comfortable throughout the treatment

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How it works?

The revolutionary Motus AY is a new system that combines Alexandrite with Nd:YAG laser sources, providing treatments to of many dermatological concerns with one system. This includes:

  • Hair removal in a virtually painless mode
  • Vascular lesions
  • Benign pigmented lesions
  • Anti-ageing

The MOTUS AY is the first FDA approved Alexandrite laser that can be used on all skin types (1-6), so no one misses out.

The MOTUS AY is one of the first lasers that works on soft or fair skin

Alexandrite and Nd:YAG laser for ‘pain-free’ hair removal treatments on ALL skin types. Differentiating it from any other Alexandrite laser technology

Frustrated with shaving and waxing regularly?

Then look no further we have the answer and it’s here in Surrey.

Why Doesn’t everyone do it then?
Because traditional lasers are painful, they hurt. Not many people are too keen on having an elastic band flicking their skin for 30-60 minutes. But now there is a much quicker and pain free option available which is why so many people are choosing us.

The laser works by heating the hair follicle up and it breaks down, this means the hair cannot grow back in the follicle and this causes the long lasting results.

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We are fully GDPR compliant, and will never misuse your data.