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Skin Rejuvenation and Laser Resurfacing In Surrey

Skin rejuvenation uses laser light energy to make the skin look younger and more refreshed. Short bursts of high intensity light are directed onto the skin to stimulate collagen and regrowth – reducing wrinkles, fine lines, signs of ageing and more.

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What is skin rejuvenation?

Skin Rejuvenation is a common skin care treatment that makes the skin look better and more refreshed. Skin rejuvenation treatments can be used to deal with a number of skin conditions or medical issues and will leave you feeling better about your skin. 

Here, we explore what types of skin rejuvenation treatments are on offer, but if you’re interested in arranging a free consultation or want to know about our services, please get in touch.

How does skin rejuvenation work?

The main skin rejuvenation treatment we use at Surrey Laser Clinic is with an Alexandrite laser.

We use intense pulsed lights to provide short bursts of high intensity light stimulating collagen into the skin. Typically, you may need a course of treatment to ensure the desired effect. Our professionals will discuss this beforehand and create a personalised plan.

What can skin rejuvenation be used for?

Skin rejuvenation is ideal for sun-damaged, tired or aged skin. It can also be very successful for treating a range of skin concerns including:

What is laser skin resurfacing?

Concerned about aging skin, wrinkles or sun damage? Laser skin resurfacing could help your skin to look healthier and younger. It works by removing a skin layer with precision. New skin cells are formed during the heal process and, as a result, your skin will feel tighter. 

We also offer pain-free laser hair removal treatment for those looking for permanent hair removal services.

What does the treatment include?

At SLC , we use the Motus AY – the world’s first FDA approved pain-free laser. It combines Alexandrite with Nd:YAG laser sources, providing treatments to many dermatological concerns with just one system. Before your treatment starts, you’ll meet with our team of laser technicians and therapists who are highly trained to exceptional standards to deliver the results you desire.

Before any treatment, we will conduct a patch test on your skin. If there is no reaction, your full treatment can begin within 24 hours.

The MOTUS AY is the first FDA approved Alexandrite laser that can be used on all skin tones and types (1-6), so no one misses out. It’s also one of the first lasers that works on soft or fair skin. 

Got any questions about skin rejuvenation in Surrey? Or want to learn more about our pain-free laser treatments? Get in touch today and we’d be happy to answer your queries or arrange a free patch test. 

Many of our clients are concerned that skin rejuvenation treatments will hurt. While traditional treatments typically do, the treatment we offer is pain-free. That’s because we use one of the world’s revolutionary laser tools. 

Say goodbye to painful methods of laser hair removal and hello to the world’s best. The Motus AY revolutionising laser hair removal.

Skin rejuvenation can be used to treat all types of skin and skin tones. It’s ideal for treating a range of skin conditions – from sun damage and fine lines to uneven pigmentation and dark spots. Our tool can be used on skin tones 1-4.

After just a few sessions, your skin tone will look and feel improved. Gradually, your skin will become smoother, brighter and more refreshed. Immediately after treatment, you may experience some slight redness but this goes down very quickly. 

The Motus AY uses a sapphire cooling tip to soothe the surface of the skin during treatment to help protect against any uncomfortable sensations, burns, and pigmentation changes. The system uses different wavelengths to gradually heat up the skin to a temperature that damages the hair follicles to reduce and eliminate hair regrowth without harming the surrounding tissue.

The number of treatments required depends on what you are treating, your skin tone and also how well you react to the treatment.  Skin recovery takes one month so one treatment every month would usually be the maximum frequency. Your therapist will be able to advise how long your personalised treatment plan should last though.

A lot of our clients notice a difference immediately. The effects of the treatment will continue to improve and work for up to a year. Natural aging processes mean that wrinkles and fine lines will occur, but typically results of skin rejuvenation last for many years. 

To achieve the best results consult with your practitioner as you go.

We’re proud to offer our clients the most advanced device available, from the UK’s Number 1 Laser & IPL manufacturer Lynton Lasers.

The Motus AY is the world’s first pain-free FDA approved laser that works on all skin types. So not only does it mean skin rejuvenation treatments are available to everyone but you don’t need to worry about it hurting. As well as this, it’s quick, effective and provides long-lasting results. 

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Want to know more, but not ready to sign up for a full treatment programme? Our free consultation can tell you what is wrong, why it’s happening and what you can do, without the commitment. 

We are fully GDPR compliant, and will never misuse your data.

Book your free patch test today.

Want to know more, but not ready to sign up for a full treatment programme? 

Our free consultation can tell you what is wrong, why it’s happening and what you can do, without the commitment. 

We are fully GDPR compliant, and will never misuse your data.