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Fake tan and laser hair removal uncovered

One of the biggest questions we get asked is whether you can wear fake tan or use tanning products when having laser hair removal. At Surrey Laser Clinic, we want you to get the most out of your laser hair removal treatment which is why we’ve decided to answer this particular query below.

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Can I wear fake tan and get laser hair removal?

Unfortunately no. It’s important that all traces of tanning products are removed from the treatment area before your laser session. Fake tan can be worn in between sessions but on the day of your treatment, your skin needs to be clear. We advise our customers to stop applying tanning products at least 7 days before each treatment. If any fake tan residue is on your skin on the day, we will have to postpone the session. 

Can I wear fake tan elsewhere?

Of course. If you are treating your legs with laser, then fake tan can still be used on your arms or face and vice versa. Only the desired treatment area needs to be clear from fake tan products. 

What do you mean by ‘fake tan’?

When we say ‘fake tan’, we mean all tans which do not wash off or are body foundations or bronzing powders. Gradual tanning agents including moisturisers are also included in this. 

What about in between laser hair removal sessions?

You can use fake tan in between each laser hair removal session. However, on your treatment day, your skin must be clear. We advise our customers not to apply any new tan at least one week before their treatment. But if you have dry skin – and know fake tan takes longer to fade – we’d advise leaving a longer gap. 

Can I use wash off tan before laser hair removal?

Yes but again we recommend using this at least 2 days before your session. On the day of your treatment, your skin needs to be clear from any creams and tanning products – including those that wash off. 

How can I remove fake tan before a laser hair removal session?

Your skin needs to be free from all tanning and cosmetic products including creams, oils, lotions and moisturisers on the day of your treatment. If any tan is still present on your skin on the day of your treatment, it could cause complications. To remove fake tan properly, we advise:

  • Using a tan eraser mitt or exfoliating pad on all areas of the body
  • Using an exfoliating scrub and moisturiser on your skin
  • Sitting in a hot bath
  • Paying attention to areas such as ankles and elbows where fake tan can settle.

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