Laser Hair Removal

Why is my hair growing back faster after laser?

Why is my hair growing back faster after laser?

This topic can get somewhat technical so please tell me if I haven’t explained this well and we can try a video blog as well to get a better understanding.

This is NOT uncommon, and I will get into the reasons why, but first we need to understand how the hair growth process works to determine why it grows back quicker.

The hair grows from a hair follicle, think of the follicle like a tight knit sleeping bag, it is warm and provides the support for the hair.

As the hair grows this is called the anagen phase, it is using nutrients and amino acids called keratin to become stronger and able to push through the dermal layer. At anyone time you can have between 15-20% of your hairs in this phase, this is the best phase for laser hair removal as the hair absorbs the laser energy as heat and this transmits down to the hair follicle (sleeping bag) and heats up the follicle which destroys it.

Now you would think well if the follicle were destroyed shouldn’t the hair just fall out?

Well unfortunately not as it is still anchored in the dermal layer and will be pushed out further over the next 30-60 days which is why after that session it can appear that there is more hair growth, but it is simply the dead hairs being pushed out and coming to the surface.

These will fall out on their own. You can shave them but do NOT pluck or use hair removal cream as this will interrupt the process.

Hopefully that explains the process and why there is often more hair growth after laser hair removal. If not give me a call and I can go through it.

Can you see results after one session of laser hair removal?

When we talk about results, our clients usually want soft, smooth skin and be able to see that after the sessions. After just one session this is unlikely, but we do often hear that our clients haven’t noticed as much growth and haven’t needed to shave as much. This is a great sign and we always look forward to seeing where they will be at session eight as this is where a lot of change happens.

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Laser Hair Removal

Is Brazilian laser hair removal embarrassing?

Is Brazilian laser hair removal embarrassing?

This is the most popular area to have laser hair removal for our clients. You are going on holiday and don’t want to worry about your bikini line whilst you are away.

It is very easy to do and pain free with our new Motus AY machine; the first painless hair removal machine in Surrey. If you don’t believe us, then come in for a free patch test!

We appreciate that coming in for this type of treatment might feel daunting. This is why we want to ensure you feel comfortable from the start. We take the time to do a full consultation first to understand what your goals are and explain to you the nature of the treatment and what to expect. We will show you around the clinic and answer any questions that you may have. 

Lasering the bikini area is actually the most popular area we treat here at SLC. Our expert clinicians are therefore trained and experienced in delivering this treatment and ensuring the best results.  Nothing phases them so please do not be worried or embarrassed.  Our clinicians have treated thousands of women over the past three years here at SLC. They just want you to feel confident and happy in your own body!

You can keep your underwear on, or we can offer some disposable alternatives which can be maneuvered to ensure we get the best coverage – whatever you feel most comfortable with.

Is it safe to laser your pubic hair?

Absolutely, we just need to do a thorough initial examination to understand what skin and hair type you have, to ensure we apply the correct settings. The pubic area is more sensitive, so we use a lower intensity on the laser.

Afterwards, it is important to follow the technicians’ instructions. There may be some redness or itching, this is normal and a good response. It means the laser has done its work and has effectively broken down the hair follicles to prevent them from growing back giving you that all-year-round smooth bikini line.

How painful is pubic laser hair removal?

We have two types of laser, the first is our pain free laser using the Moveo handpiece, this will feel like a cooling fan over your skin. The second is our Nd:Yag laser which is more traditional and you will feel some sensation on the skin. We will discuss which is more suitable for you at your initial skin consultation. 

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Skin Care

Top Tips for Essential Autumn Skincare

There feels like there is a little drop in the temperature when we wake up, this can only mean that the Autumn is around the corner, and we want to keep our skin looking as stunning as the season itself.

We look at essential skincare tips to help you, when we are indoors our skin is exposed to heating and we spend a little less time outside.  All this has a downside to the effects of our skin, but a few simple steps can keep you glowing.

  • Moisturise Moisturise Moisturise ~ As the weather becomes cooler and humidity drops, the skin tends to become drier.  Switch to a thicker, more hydrating moisturiser to help lock in moisture and prevent your skin from becoming dry and flaky.
  • Stay hydrated ~ Drinking plenty of water helps keep your skin hydrated from the inside out.  Herbal teas and foods with a higher water content can also contribute to your hydration levels.
  • Sunscreen ~ Even though Summer is almost over, UV rays are still very much present and can damage your skin, use at least an SPF 30 on exposed skin, especially when spending time outdoors.
  • Exfoliate ~ Your skin is at risk from drying out and getting dull as Autumn kicks in, so regular and gentle exfoliation will remove dead skin and keep your skin feeling great and looking fresh.
  • Update your skincare routine ~ We are proud to partner with Alumier – a fabulous skin care range that is the best addition to our skincare treatments. You can contact us for a bespoke expert skin consultation and we can create your skincare routine together.
Laser Hair Removal

Why can’t you go to the gym after laser hair removal?

Why can’t you go to the gym after laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal has been one of the greatest innovations to grace the cosmetic market and it continues to get better and improve and the results speak for themselves.

The safety has improved, the fact we can now treat darker skin where we couldn’t before, and the downtime has improved with the technology.

However, there are still some drawbacks we I cannot see changing due to the nature of how the treatment is performed.

We still do not recommend our clients go and do exercise immediately after having laser hair removal, go out in the sun or have hot showers.

Why? Well, the reason is the treated areas of the skin may become sensitive and temporarily irritated. This is because the laser targets and damages the hair follicles, leading to inflammation and redness.

The heat from the laser also causes the surrounding skin to become warmer, so you need to let it cool properly, going to the gym will raise your body temperature and can cause the temperature of the skin to increase.

Engaging in intense exercise or going to the gym immediately after the treatment can exacerbate these side effects or cause discomfort.

Sweat, heat, and friction may further irritate the skin, leading to potential skin damage. It is generally recommended by our technicians and Lynton to avoid activities that may increase perspiration or friction on the treated area for 24 hours after laser hair removal to allow the skin to heal properly.

Can you go in a hot shower or sauna after laser hair removal?

No ideally a colder shower, perhaps not ice cold. But not a hot shower as the skin is hot, putting more heat on it can increase the inflammation and redness and take more time for the skin to settle down.

Just think cold, cold, cold. Easy in the summer but not so good in the winter, we are sorry. We will continue to try and improve the advances in our technology and keep up to date with the changes and if something comes up, we will let you know.

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Laser Hair Removal

How does laser hair removal work?

How does laser hair removal work?

This is probably one of the most important questions to ask. A lot of our clients are not to interested in this and are only focused on the end results; this is also fine. But the more you can understand the process from a technician stance the more knowledge you have and the better results you can get in the long term if you know what we are looking for.

It doesn’t need to be a technical explanation but sometimes it can go that way so please reach out to us if it doesn’t make sense.

The way we work is by using a medical grade laser called the Motus AY, it is one of the first pain free lasers on the market. It uses a specific wavelength of laser light which when applied to the skin will heat up the hair. The melanin, which is a pigment in the hair, absorbs the heat and transfers this heat down the hair to the base of the hair.

At the base of the hair is something called a follicle, this is the root of the hair where it is grown from. Think of the follicle as a base for the hair to grow from, the laser energy heats up the follicle from the hair and ultimately destroys the follicle. This means that no more hair can grow out of this follicle.

This is permanent hair reduction, and that hair will never grow back. The body will develop new follicles over time but once our clients go through a laser hair removal course, we see them for maintenance every year or even every two years.

The hair needs to be in something called Anagen, this is the growth phase and at any time only 15% of the hairs are in the anagen phase which is why it can take 8-12 sessions to get the results we desire.

Does laser remove 100% hair?

It does 100% remove hair but as mentioned above, the body will develop new follicles which can grow new hairs. The time it takes to develop a new follicle is many months often years, so you will notice a huge reduction in your maintenance.

How long does laser hair removal last after 10 sessions?

This depends on the person, the skin type and hair colour but you will be looking at maintenance every year to two years. Which is not a lot, many of our clients say they don’t even shave in between their maintenance sessions.

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