Why is laser hair removal better than waxing?

Looking to get rid of unwanted hair? It’s likely that you’ve come across both waxing and laser hair removal in your search. After all, both are popular hair removal methods for all areas of the body. However, if you’re looking for permanent hair removal that is painless, convenient and offers long-lasting results, there’s only one winner: laser.

Here, we explore how laser hair removal works, what to expect and why it’s so much better than waxing.

What is laser hair removal?

In short, laser hair removal uses powerful beams of light to remove unwanted hair on the body or face. When penetrated into the skin, the light heats up and destroys the hair follicles, stunting growth. After each laser treatment, your hair won’t grow back for some time – and when it does, it will be much thinner. 

The benefits of laser hair removal

It’s quick – and results last

Laser hair removal can take as little as 20 minutes to treat the whole body. While you might think a waxing treatment is just as fast, results from laser last much longer. There’s no downtime either meaning you don’t need to worry about your skin being ready and delicate like it can be after waxing. After waxing or shaving, hair will grow back within days or weeks. But after a laser treatment, it can take months for the hair to grow back, and it’ll be much thinner. 

It’s precise

Ever ripped out a bit of your skin from the hot wax? Perhaps you caught some hair from your head when trying to get those pesky stray eyebrows? Either way, laser hair removal – when carried out by a professional – is extremely precise and targets specific unwanted hair. The area around the hair follicle will also remain undamaged. 

It’s painless

While laser hair removal may have traditionally hurt (or felt like a rubber band snapping on the skin), nowadays smart technology means there are more machines that are completely painless. This is exactly what we offer. We use the exclusive Motus AY – a new painless laser system combining Alexandrite with Nd:YAG laser sources. It’s also the first FDA approved Alexandrite laser that can be used on all skin types (1-6) including on fine and dark hair.  

You’ll always be prepared

Waxing is great – until you have to endure hair growth for 4 weeks to ensure maximum results. With laser hair removal however, that changes. You’ll never need to worry about stubbly underarms, hairy legs or bikini line overgrowth because laser hair removal means that you’re always ready. In fact, you’ll benefit from smooth skin that feels softer and silkier to touch at all times. 

You don’t need to worry about ingrown hairs

Threading, waxing, shaving, epilating – there’s a risk of ingrown hairs with all of these treatments. Not only are they unsightly to look at but they can be painful too. There’s no risk of these when it comes to lasers and, when carried out by a professional, you also don’t need to worry about burns or irritation. 

Considering laser hair removal? Perhaps you want to discuss your options, and the pros and cons, in more detail. Either way, our team of experts would be delighted to help. Simply get in touch and we can answer your questions, talk you through the process and arrange a free patch test. 

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