Skin Care

We Want to talk to you about AlumierMD Skincare

Here at Surrey Laser Clinic, we are very proud to be partnered with AlumierMD.

AlumierMD is medical grade skincare and we can offer you a medical grade facial regime here at the clinic.

Why do I need to use medical grade skincare?

They are exclusively dispensed by medical and aesthetic practitioners, meaning that they are sold only by professionals who really, truly understand what the products are doing for your skin and how to build a customised skincare routine, just for you, ensuring visible and long-lasting results.

Medical grade skincare is formulated with clinically validated percentages of active ingredients which are well documented by studies to have a positive impact on your skin and you are likely to see results within 6-8 weeks.

Who can use AlumierMD products and how much do they cost?


Whether you have specific skincare concerns like acne, rosacea, aging or pigmentation, or you just want an overall glowing complexion, you can benefit from using the AlumierMD products.

Both men and women across a wide range of ages have seen amazing results on their skincare journeys.

In terms of cost it depends on which products you choose, they are not as cheap as Nivea and products you can buy in the supermarket. But this is because they are medical grade and higher quality. It depends on what you are looking for? I have yet to find a product that has a higher quality and is the cheapest on the market.

Is AlumierMD cruelty-free?

It is!

From recyclable packaging to working with like-minded suppliers who use ethical animal, human and environmental practices.  Not tested on animals and whose ingredients are sustainably sourced, AlumierMD works hard to ensure that their commitment to sustainability is never compromised – what is not to love?

What’s more – it is a brand you can trust

AlumierMD are honest and transparent with skincare users about the ingredients in their products and the reason why they use them has always been in style.

Artificial fragrances, parabens, artificial dyes, sulphates, phthalates and chemical sunscreen filters have all been rejected by AlumierMD’s scientific committee and chemists.

You can rest assured that any skincare products you use from the brand have been made with the highest quality of ingredients, at the right concentrations and with their clients’ safety in mind at all times.

Where can I get an AlumierMD consultation?

As AlumierMD products contain highly active, medical grade ingredients (which work wonders for skin), you can’t purchase them from the high-street. Instead, a consultation with an AlumierMD professional here at Surrey Laser Clinic is required to ensure you’re using products that are suitable for your skin type and concerns.

Let us help you on your skincare journey.

Our skincare experts can assess your skin, work out what YOU need and create a bespoke skincare regime supplemented with our medical grade facials, where appropriate. We will get you the results you want and our expert team will guide you every step of the way

Come in to see us for Your Bespoke Medical Grade Facial Regime – Contact the Clinic on 01932 553118 to find out more.