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Seasonal Changes & The Ingredients Your Skin is Craving

Change is a-coming….. prepare your skin with our top tips

Switching up your skincare for the new season whether it’s spring/summer or autumn/winter is absolutely a not a trend, fad or anything to do with the latest looks on the catwalk.

Seasonal switching is all about understanding what your skin needs at different stages, whether that’s due to changes in your life or in the seasons.

Thanks to stress, hormones, or health imbalances we can suffer unpredictable skin changes at any time of the year. For example, those of us with drier skin types might experience flakiness in winter but also during times of stress.

Our skincare team are the first port of call for any major skin changes as they’ll be able to tweak your routine and treatments whenever you’re in a period of flux, meaning your skin will stay resilient, no matter what’s going on. It’s this personal service that will give you the ultimate results.

SPRING …. breakouts, unpredictable skin, stressed skin

It’s no surprise that this is the time of year to spring clean your skincare routine.

The season of renewal, it’s the perfect time to book in to come see one of our pros and layout your skincare goals for the whole year.

Spring does signal the start of the warmer weather, but particularly in the Northern hemisphere, it can be a very up and down season with some chilly days interspersed with warmer, lighter ones. Unpredictable weather often means unpredictable skin, so sticking to your routine every morning and evening can really help to balance skin. For those who suffer with hayfever (we feel you!) spring can be a challenge with a red, runny nose and itchy feeling skin.

Ingredients to help

Peptides calm and soothe stressed skin and help to maintain a plump and youthful complexion no matter how much the season swings from cool to warm. Speaking (and dreaming) of warm days, SPF is a daily non-negotiable as up to 40% of the sun’s UV rays penetrate through clouds, even on a grey day.

Spring skin swaps

Choose a lighter moisturiser as the air warms up, we like Alumier Hydralight, a soothing hydrator that includes sodium hyaluronate, aloe and niacinamide. Plus, the all-important peptides which work to firm and strengthen skin.

For skin showing signs of stress, calm things down with our Alumier Recovery Balm. Originally formulated to support skin post-procedure, it’s brilliant at rehabilitating red, stressed, confused skin that’s been through a lot, whether that’s following an in-clinic appointment or spring induced Rudolf syndrome.

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