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The Benefits of Combining Antioxidants and SPF

Why do we need to protet our skin? – What are we protecting it from?

Well, there are THREE key reasons

Firstly, for our health. Skin cancer is on the increase and there are different types of skin cancers. There are those that occur mainly on exposed areas such as the neck and chest, to the very serious types of cancers that can spread throughout the body and cause very high mortality rates.

Secondly, it is to protect the skin from environmental factors which create a lot of different skin issues – not just ageing signs such as wrinkles but free radical damage which can cause inflammation and lead to breakouts, hyperpigmentation, darkening in the skin and an uneven skin tone.

Thirdly, your confidence. Breakouts, uneven skin tone, sagging skin, pigmentation, and premature ageing can all impact our confidence which makes protecting our skin important.

We are genetically programmed to age. This is deeply influenced by our genes which impact how our hormones will behave and regulate. The second part is just the way we naturally age. This part, is extremely important as it’s the part you have control over through your lifestyle and environment.

Sugar intake has a direct impact on our skin ageing process, as well as stress, and of course, UV and radiation. Studies have shown that 90% of premature ageing is secondary to environmental damage. Of that 90%, 75% is due to incidental damage from just walking around and being exposed to our environment – even on cloudy days.

Some people think that we don’t need to protect our skin if we don’t need live in a warm climate, but that isn’t true”.  

When it comes to the outside world, there is a significant reduction in collagen when we are exposed to various environmental factors. We need to protect the skin from this kind of damage as well as cellular damage.

How can antioxidants help to protect the skin? 

In order to be active and biologically active, antioxidants need to be stable enough to penetrate the upper levels of the skin and get into the cells that need protecting. When looking to add an antioxidant such as vitamin C  to your skin routine, you should look for certain formulas, our range of Alumier could help, ask for a skin consult with us here). Antioxidants such as this will help to protect the skin from environmental damage. 

An antioxidant serum and protective broad-spectrum sunscreen are two of the most powerful products in any skincare routine – no matter your skin type. But, when used together, their effectiveness increases and provides the skin with double the defence against environmental aggressors.

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