Is Brazilian laser hair removal embarrassing?

Is Brazilian laser hair removal embarrassing?

This is the most popular area to have laser hair removal for our clients. You are going on holiday and don’t want to worry about your bikini line whilst you are away.

It is very easy to do and pain free with our new Motus AY machine; the first painless hair removal machine in Surrey. If you don’t believe us, then come in for a free patch test!

We appreciate that coming in for this type of treatment might feel daunting. This is why we want to ensure you feel comfortable from the start. We take the time to do a full consultation first to understand what your goals are and explain to you the nature of the treatment and what to expect. We will show you around the clinic and answer any questions that you may have. 

Lasering the bikini area is actually the most popular area we treat here at SLC. Our expert clinicians are therefore trained and experienced in delivering this treatment and ensuring the best results.  Nothing phases them so please do not be worried or embarrassed.  Our clinicians have treated thousands of women over the past three years here at SLC. They just want you to feel confident and happy in your own body!

You can keep your underwear on, or we can offer some disposable alternatives which can be maneuvered to ensure we get the best coverage – whatever you feel most comfortable with.

Is it safe to laser your pubic hair?

Absolutely, we just need to do a thorough initial examination to understand what skin and hair type you have, to ensure we apply the correct settings. The pubic area is more sensitive, so we use a lower intensity on the laser.

Afterwards, it is important to follow the technicians’ instructions. There may be some redness or itching, this is normal and a good response. It means the laser has done its work and has effectively broken down the hair follicles to prevent them from growing back giving you that all-year-round smooth bikini line.

How painful is pubic laser hair removal?

We have two types of laser, the first is our pain free laser using the Moveo handpiece, this will feel like a cooling fan over your skin. The second is our Nd:Yag laser which is more traditional and you will feel some sensation on the skin. We will discuss which is more suitable for you at your initial skin consultation. 

If you would like to find out more about our laser hair removal introductory offer then please call 01932 553118