Why is my hair growing back faster after laser?

Why is my hair growing back faster after laser?

This topic can get somewhat technical so please tell me if I haven’t explained this well and we can try a video blog as well to get a better understanding.

This is NOT uncommon, and I will get into the reasons why, but first we need to understand how the hair growth process works to determine why it grows back quicker.

The hair grows from a hair follicle, think of the follicle like a tight knit sleeping bag, it is warm and provides the support for the hair.

As the hair grows this is called the anagen phase, it is using nutrients and amino acids called keratin to become stronger and able to push through the dermal layer. At anyone time you can have between 15-20% of your hairs in this phase, this is the best phase for laser hair removal as the hair absorbs the laser energy as heat and this transmits down to the hair follicle (sleeping bag) and heats up the follicle which destroys it.

Now you would think well if the follicle were destroyed shouldn’t the hair just fall out?

Well unfortunately not as it is still anchored in the dermal layer and will be pushed out further over the next 30-60 days which is why after that session it can appear that there is more hair growth, but it is simply the dead hairs being pushed out and coming to the surface.

These will fall out on their own. You can shave them but do NOT pluck or use hair removal cream as this will interrupt the process.

Hopefully that explains the process and why there is often more hair growth after laser hair removal. If not give me a call and I can go through it.

Can you see results after one session of laser hair removal?

When we talk about results, our clients usually want soft, smooth skin and be able to see that after the sessions. After just one session this is unlikely, but we do often hear that our clients haven’t noticed as much growth and haven’t needed to shave as much. This is a great sign and we always look forward to seeing where they will be at session eight as this is where a lot of change happens.

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